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Fun-loving People

Our unique, high-energy culture is shaped by incredibly smart and passionate individuals from all walks of life.

A Volume Person

Volume People are unique... yet united by the same passion, determination and love of learning that has crafted our culture.

Healthily self-critical, tenacious, loyal and honest, ‘the Volume Person’ is wonderful to work with. We hope you’ll come and see for yourself.

A Volume Person's View

See what our People have to say about life at Volume.

Our people work hard… and play hard, too. Because when we’re having fun, we get more done!

Music Mogul

With a Sonos speaker system set up across our entire office, there’s never a quiet moment here at Volume! (Psst… we work smart, which means we can all do our jobs remotely from any location worldwide. That includes our silent areas, in case you’re craving some extra concentration!)

Sun Seeker

Our kitchen is cool… but our garden is hotter! We love grabbing a picnic blanket and heading outside for lunch over a game of giant Jenga.

Party Animal

What would Christmas be without an outrageous office party? And what would summer be without an afternoon of outdoor antics? And what would weekends be without dinners, drinks and dancing? Okay… we admit it. Any excuse for a celebration, and we’re there.

Culinary connoisseur

There’s no doubt about it, Volume is full of foodies… and, of course, we cater accordingly! With bake-offs, pancake making, international food feasts and Fish & Chip Fridays, it’s impossible to go hungry in our offices. Thank goodness for our discounted gym memberships!

Gaming Guru

Always chasing that ever-elusive high score? Put in some hours at the office on our Xbox Kinect… because you’ve never really experienced gaming until you’ve played on a giant projector screen!

Sports Superstar

Engage your endorphins at Volume! From sports days and sponsored runs, football and archery, there are plenty of ways to stay active here.

Tech Trendsetter

Do you own more gizmos than Inspector Gadget? Or is James Bond’s ‘Q’ more like you? Either way, you’ll fit in famously at Volume – the technology hub of the Thames Valley – as you enjoy dabbling with the latest devices!

Barking Mad

Is your best friend furry and four-legged? Our annual Bring Your Dog to Work day is sure to get their tail wagging!